BMW BM54 Repairs

The BMW BM54 module can be found in BMW X5 (E53) BMW 3 (E46) and a few other models including Land Rover L322 Range Rover. They share a common fault.

Before you buy a new one, send your unit to us for a full diagnostic check and fast repair within 24hrs!

Visit our dedicated repair site here and have your BM54 repaired by our in house engineers.

Symptoms of broken BM54

No sound

Some sound

Loss of some or all speakers

No power / orange light on radio or dashboard screen

High pitched noise / screech coming from speaker

BMW GM5 Central locking not workingrelay fix

If you have one of the following BMW’s: 3 Series between 1998 and 2005, Z4 between 2002 and 2008, ZE all years and X3 between 2003 and 2010 then the problem is probably the General Module (GM) which on these vehicles is known as the GM5. Visit our sister site

ECU re-map for more power, smooth ride & a more enjoyable drive.

Speed Mileage Correction

Full service available. Call us at our Surrey workshop on 01932 800800 or use our enquiry form here

Speed Mileage Correction

ECU repairs for the Toyota RAV4. Visit our site, or call us on 01932 800800 for more details.