Bentley iPhone / iPod retrofits, GPS / navigation repairs and installs, phone system upgrades & steering wheel controls integrated with infotainment systems. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Reversing camera systems retrofitted. Cartronics has full Bentley bench test capabilities, no wonder Bentley owners from all over the UK come to Cartronics Surrey workshops for their Bentley Continental GT, Bentayga, Mulsanne & Flying Spurs.

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Examples of our work

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Bentley Pioneer Wireless Apple CarPlay

Make: Bentley

Model: GTC

Mission: Install wireless Apple CarPlay 

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Bentley GT Audio Upgrade | Hertz Audison

Make: Bentley

Model: GT 2013

Mission: Upgrade audio, speakers and amplification 

This customer had a Bentley GT without the NAIM audio system and he was disappointed in the quality of the sound. He asked us to upgrade the speakers and add amplification to improve the sound quality.

We replaced the factory speaker system with Audison and Hertz speakers. We installed the factory NAIM speaker housing for the subwoofer and replaced the driver with an Audison subwoofer.

In addition, we added 2 new amplifiers with full DSP control and re-programmed the Bentley touchscreen navigation system to allow perfect sound input to the new system.

The new system now sounds amazing and puts the factory NAIM system to shame.

Cartronics are true experts with Bentley vehicles. From retrofits to upgrades, and repairs on infotainment system (Bentley touchscreen radio), NAIM amplifiers and Bentley clusters. 

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Bentley Brooklands Audio Upgrade

Make: Bentley

Model: Brooklands 

Mission: Upgrade audio system

This customer wanted to keep the original look of their Bentley Brooklands intact whilst upgrading their sound / entertainment system. 

They opted for a Sony High Resolution audio system and high quality Hertz speakers and sound processor. 

We tuned the Bentley Brooklands to improve sound quality and fitted sound deadening / matting. The result – perfection.

Whether you are looking for a new radio, or want to know about the best audio upgrades for your Bentley, we have the solution.


Cartronics are Bentley upgrade experts in Surrey, just outside London.



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Bentley Cluster Repair

Cartronics can repair all Bentley (Bosch) clusters / instrument panels in our workshop in Surrey.

Part & Serial Numbers

0263634010 V:03 S:1366000276

060904 K:580928 PM:5603 S: 05.14 H: 04

3W0920 841 Bentley RB8


Simply contact us by phone or email and book in your repair

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Bentley Bentayga Stinger

Make: Bentley

Model: Bentayga (SUV)

Mission: Install Stinger Freedom Laser

This customer wanted to avoid being caught in unjust speed traps. The Freedom Laser system by Stinger is discrete, yet powerful.


The Freedom Strip interface has a sleek design that contains a smooth, 3 touch-button interface area (the images below shows the temporary film overlay for demo purposes).

The Freedom Laser Strip is very easy to use and alerts the driver by producing colour coded lights at its edge and if desired, an audible alert.

Read more about it here.

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Bentley Azure Radio Upgrade Sony RSX-GS9

Make: Bentley

Model: Azure

Mission: Upgrade radio to Sony RSX-GS9


Our Bentley customer wanted a single din radio integrated into their Azure whilst maintaining the original aesthetic. We integrated the steering wheel controls to the new radio.

The Sony RSX-GS9 is well suited to this type of vehicle. If you love your music and want crisp, clear sound, this high resolution option is perfect. It allows the driver to hear every single, glorious detail. Beautiful.

This type of upgrade is suitable for Arnage and Brooklands too. We can also upgrade the audio sound system with new speakers and a subwoofer. This can be hidden discretely and powered via a new amplified DSP unit for the perfect sound.

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Bentley GT BENHUR Install with Apple CarPlay

Make: Bentley

Model: GT / GTC

Mission: Install BENHUR Head unit with Pioneer SPH DA120 

This Bentley GT driver wanted to update their Bentley GT with a new head unit. He wanted features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and handsfree calling. He can now stream media like music, podcasts and video with a tap. Other options include a Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB / SPHDA-230DAB. 

No more distraction on the roads with this Bentley double din upgrade. Answer your iPhone / Android, navigate the roads with ease and send a text using Siri handsfree. This radio upgrade works alongside the car's original factory OEM and the steering wheel controls are fully integrated.

Cartronics are Bentley specialists located in Surrey, just outside London's M25. We also offer FULL audio sound upgrade packages. Upgrade your non-Naim system, replace current system with a full DSP speaker & upgrade your amplifier

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Bentley with integrated TV, DVD, Bluetooth and DAB

Make: Bentley

Model: GT/GTR Continental

This customer wanted television (TV), Digital Radio (DAB), a DVD player and handsfree Bluetooth retrofitted into their Bentley. 

This newly integrated system works alongside the original Bentley infotainment system which we achieved seamlessly. It's really the best of both worlds. We installed a VIM (Vehicle In Motion) to enable this function. Note: some people call this PIM (Picture In Motion)

We also retrofitted a DAB Digital Radio to integrate with the original system and a handsfree Bluetooth calling system for making calls safely in the car. 

Another customer delighted with their Bentley entertainment upgrades.


Get in touch to learn more about upgrading your Bentley's Entertainment System

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Apple CarPlay In Bentley GT Continental

Make: Bentley 

Model: Contintental GT

Mission: Install Apple Car Play to work alongside original infotainment system


This customer was fed up of their old, outdated navigation and radio system in their Bentley GT.

New functionality available includes DAB (Digital Radio), Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth hands free including streaming, USB ports for iPod & USB sticks, DVD/CD, MP3, Disc Playback and full European navigation with 7 digit postcode and real time traffic information. Optional extras include things like rear reversing camera. 


Functionality includes full integration with 8 or 12 speaker amplified systems and volume controls on steering wheel. What's great about this upgrade is that the original car infotainment control remains functional.


Not only does it look great, but the Apple Car Play technology is second to none - making this one great Bentley upgrade.

We’ve included a YouTube video of our last Bentley customer’s Apple CarPlay system in action.  


This customer loved it (as did we!) 

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Bentley GTC Apple Carplay Pioneer System with Rear Camera

Make: Bentley
Model: GTC
Mission: To install the latest Apple Carplay Navigation system

We removed the old and very outdated audio and navigation system and installed the latest Pioneer touch screen system . Features now include DAB (digital radio), DVD, USB. Navigation with traffic, Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth systems. The unit fully integrates with ALL Bentley’s controls and function including steering wheel controls and infotainment panel. This system updates the old Bentley navigation with the expected systems you see in the latest cars.

Yet another happy Bentley GTC customer!

Call 01932 800 800 now to book. 

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Bentley Alpine Screen Repair

Make : Bentley
Model: Arnage
Mission: Repair Alpine Screen (navigation)

If you have an Arnage and the flip-over dashboard screen stops working , we can get this repaired for you (no need to replace ).

We also offer full upgrade of the old Navigation system to the latest hard drive version.

Call us to book your Bentley in on 01932 800 800

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Bentley GT Apple Carplay

Make : Bentley
Model : GT/GTC Continental
Mission: To upgrade Bentley radio & navigation with touchscreen Apple CarPlay

The Bentley GT and GTC is a lovely car, but the old audio system with its outdated navigation system and lack of smartphone connectivity (even Bluetooth on some models) mars the driving experience. 

Cartronics GB are proud to announce that we can now upgrade the original system with the latest Pioneer Touch Screen Navigation system.  This latest specification Double Din unit is a pleasure to use.  Benefits and improvements include: fast, accurate navigation system with 7 digit postcode and real-time traffic reports, digital Radio (DAB) for complete future proof specification and music choice, Apple CarPlay - the latest and greatest Apple IOS integration system for seamless connectivity with your Apple device (features include Siri, Music control, Bluetooth, Spotify text messages plus many more features. USB control for all USB music playback and charging. Bluetooth streaming for music playback), CD/DVD playback; plus many more features. If the car has the original rear camera this will continue to work or we can add an additional camera for reversing.

All original controls on the Bentley system will continue to work via the new system, including speakers and steering wheel controls. This upgrade is well worth the expenditure, full of features and a great driving experience is enhanced with this latest model.


Email or call on 01932 800 800 with your car details for a quote to install the above

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Bentley rear camera

On this Bentley GT / GTC the mission was to install factory reversing camera.

We installed the factory reversing camera so that the system now displays fully automatically when selecting reverse on your infotainment system (screen).

Perfect installation, perfect results. 

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Bentley sat nav radio repairs

Make Bentley
Model GT & GTC
Mission: Infotainment & Navigation repairs

Cartronics offer a full Bentley radio and Navigation repair service, we can diagnose the car and locate the fault or send in unit for repair. All infotainment and glove box navigation units repaired.

We can even repair smashed, cracked and broken screens. 

Get in touch  about your Bentley Radio Repair today! Same day service available. 

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Bentley sat nav

Make Bentley
Model Arnage
Mission: Repair and upgrade the old navigation unit

Cartronics can upgrade your now very old navigation unit on the Bentley Arnage, if your car has a faulty unit or its time for an upgrade with new hard disc specification and later map updated call us. 

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Bentley iPod connectivity

Make Bentley
Model GT/GTC
Mission: Add iPod / iPhone connection

Cartronics can retrofit an iPod / iPhone connection interface to any Bentley GT or GTC. The device will have charge and control via the radio and steering wheel control for track control. 

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Bentley Parrot mini custom install

Bentley Arnage

Mission: Upgrade the very old telephone system

This Bentley Arnage had a very old phone system, we removed this from the car and installed a new Parrot Asteroid MINI smartphone and bluetooth integration system. This enabled multi phone connection with voice recognition, full iPhone and smartphone integration with USB playback.

Such a beautiful car, and now it is integrated with the future of car infotainment integration it makes a perfect combination.

Cartronics offer same day installation service. 

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Bentley GT Stinger Install

This Bentley GT owner wanted to install Stinger Card diffuser systems This car was fitted with the stealth Stinger Card and Diffuser (jammer) system. This system is the best speed trap detection system available in the world! It will protect your driving licence like no other. 

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Bentley GT repair navigation system





Mission : Repair factory Navigation unit


The Bentley GT & GTC has a navigation computer drive in the glove box, these often go wrong with various errors including “no cd or dvd”, “dvd / cd error” & “ reading navigation error”. The cost for the new navigation system from Bentley is in the region of £3000! We can remove the navigation and repair the system and in many case with 48hrs. Most parts are kept in stock and are ready to be installed without much down time. In addition we can supply Bentley GT navigation maps for 2012/2013/2014 which Bentley UK do not supply or support anymore. 


Get Bentley GT navigation Maps for 2012/13/14 at 'Car Audio Express' our online shop here

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Bentley GT reverse camera

Bentley GT continental

Customer requested a rear camera to be installed.

The Bentley GT had no rear reversing camera installed from the factory, so we retrofitted the rear camera system as per Bentley specification.

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Bentley Reversing Camera


MAKE: Bentley 
MODEL: Continental GT and  Mulsanne 2011 2012 2013
Cartronics are proud to announce that we can retrofit the the reversing camera option to the new range of Bentley cars, including the Continental GT and Mulsanne (2012/2013/2014).
The camera is displayed on the new Bentley infotainment system when reverse is selected.
We are based in Byfleet in Surrey so cover the area including Woking, Newhaw, Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames, Kingston, Guildford 
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Retrofit iPod system into the Bentley GTC & retrofit Digital TV

Mission: to retrofit a iPod system into this Bentley GTC & retrofit Digital TV

We fully integrated an iPod / iPhone music system into the original Bentley infotainment system, we also retrofitted the original Bentley DVBT (digital TV) which included the option for passenger to watch on the move.
More Bentley Case Studies...

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Bentley Mulsanne retrofitted new audio system

On this Bentley Mulsanne 2010 we retrofitted a new audio system to update the original sound system. In addition we retrofitted a rear reverse camera system to interface with the original Bentley screen (infotainment).

This camera system is also available for the Bentley GT and GTC, fitted as per factory.

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Bentley GTC retrofit reverse camera

Bentley GTC 2010

We retrofitted a rear reverse camera system to interface with the original Bentley screen (infotainment).

This camera system is also available for the Bentley GT and GTC, fitted as per factory.

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Install rear camera on a Bentley Continental GT

As of the beginning of 2008 all new Bentley's had the option from the factory of the reversing camera system, this leaves a lot of earlier Bentley owners without any option for the retrofitting of this system.

We have developed a package for all these customers.




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